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About SpeedValue


Our Vision

Digital Driven IT Services

We believe the digital generation is not an upgrade. It's an all-new era that requires a different mindset and capabilities.

​SpeedValue is combined of specialist building blocks, our subsidiaries, that together help customers to think and live Digital.


From Organization and Processes to Technology and People. From Design to Coding, User Experience, Big Data that transforms to actual action and Cyber ensure we are all protected.

To Always Be The Best

Building an IT company focused on the areas of digital transformation and the cloud while leveraging the professional capabilities and proven experience of the leading team in order to be a leader in the IT services market

We believe the digital generation is not an upgrade. It's an all-new era that requires a different mindset and capabilities.


Savvy Management 

Founded in 2019 by Eyal Zilberman, Tali Shem Tov the founders of Qualitest, which was sold in 2019 at a value of $420 million

Digital Only

The company specializes in providing IT solutions in the digital and cloud fields, focused on leading and innovative fields


Holds 2 companies with proven track record in the fields of development, cloud, and digital (Welldone and CodeValue acquired in 2019 and 2020)

Development firepower

The company's workforce consists of 150~ programmers and software architects who provide the company's services via an hybrid work models

M&A Strategy

Mergers and acquisitions strategy with an emphasis on prospective companies' ability to accelerate growth through systems implementation and operational efficiencies


The company has over 100 active customers of varied sizes and scales and from various domains

Our Vision
Building blocks

Meet the team


Ayal Zylberman

Ayal is the chairman and

co-owner of SpeedValue.

Ayal founded "Qualitest" in 1997, leading it as CEO to become the world’s largest software testing company and to be acquired by Bridgepoint in September 2019 for $420m.

Ayal is an Investor and Entrepreneur in Tech, Consulting, and Cannabis with a portfolio of ~20 companies. Ayal support and empower companies through growth and leadership. In addition, Ayal is also a professional women basketball coach.

Tali ShemTov.jpg

Tali Shem Tov

Tali is Co-Owner & CEO of SpeedValue

Tali is an experienced CEO with a successful track record. Highly skilled at building and scaling companies.
Tali played leading roles in Qualitest group since 2002 and served as CEO of Qualitest IL & East Europe for over than 13 years, which is a part of the “QualiTest group” – the world’s largest software testing and quality assurance company, acquired by Bridgepoint in September 2019 for $420m.

Today Tali is C0-owner & CEO of several software development companies.

Meet the team
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